Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chuck at Boomers in Livermore!

What up ya'lls!!
The Chuckster here, Checking In With The Charlestons from the L-Town (aka Livermore, CA)!


If you've never been before, you need to check out a Boomers Park near you! The closest one in the Bay Area is in Livermore and let me tell you, it is heeeeeeella fun!!! It has so many different activites and, more importantly, for peeps of all ages! I decided to go Miniature Golfing when I went... (and I am a mean golfer, I might add!)


...but there are other attractions such as Go Karts, Bumper Boats (which is great on a HOT sunny day), Laser Tag, and a HUGE Game Room with lots of different video and ticket-winning games to play! It is a great place to have a birthday party for kids or just a fun day with family, friends, or both! If you plan to make a trip one day, you should check online first because they always have promotions and deals that will make your day! Check out the website at Boomers!


I mean, look at the place, doesn't it look tiiiiiiight?!? There is even a pink castle that you pass while golfing! I am telling ya, take my word for it and make your way down to Boomers! You won't regret it!
The Chuckster is checking out! Be sure to keep Checking In With The Charlestons to see what my bros and I are up to next...Peace ya'lls!

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