Monday, May 24, 2010

Yummy! Boar's Head on CSUEB campus!

Dudes! Dudettes! Peoples!
You have to check out Boar's Head Premium Delicatessen!
It is awesomely delicious! I will bet you money that you love it, if you love freshly made sandwiches! Waaaaay better than Subway!


Chester here, Checking In With The Charlestons from the Boar's Head on the CSUEB campus! Dudes, seriously, I had the BEST sandwich I have eveeeeer had, especially for on a school campus, you feel me peeps?!? My sandwich was soooooo ENORMOUS that I couldn't even fit my whole mouth around it, and let me tell you guys, I have a pretty BIG mouth!


My sandwich was pastrami with lettuce, tomato, bacon, tomato basil pesto, mayo, avocado, and olives all on a whole wheat gotta stay healthy and fit for the ladies, you feel me? Dudes, seriously, the BEST sandwich ever! I am not joshin' ya here folks, you gotta try it! If you go there and don't like what you order, I will personally buy your next meal from any dining place on the Cal State East Bay campus. Take my word for it and go try it out, you won't regret it! I am a tellin' ya!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chuck at Boomers in Livermore!

What up ya'lls!!
The Chuckster here, Checking In With The Charlestons from the L-Town (aka Livermore, CA)!


If you've never been before, you need to check out a Boomers Park near you! The closest one in the Bay Area is in Livermore and let me tell you, it is heeeeeeella fun!!! It has so many different activites and, more importantly, for peeps of all ages! I decided to go Miniature Golfing when I went... (and I am a mean golfer, I might add!)


...but there are other attractions such as Go Karts, Bumper Boats (which is great on a HOT sunny day), Laser Tag, and a HUGE Game Room with lots of different video and ticket-winning games to play! It is a great place to have a birthday party for kids or just a fun day with family, friends, or both! If you plan to make a trip one day, you should check online first because they always have promotions and deals that will make your day! Check out the website at Boomers!


I mean, look at the place, doesn't it look tiiiiiiight?!? There is even a pink castle that you pass while golfing! I am telling ya, take my word for it and make your way down to Boomers! You won't regret it!
The Chuckster is checking out! Be sure to keep Checking In With The Charlestons to see what my bros and I are up to next...Peace ya'lls!

Friday, May 21, 2010

World Cup 2010 and Nike "Write the Future"

Chester Charlestons FIFA 2010 World Cup Preview
It's almost time for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and you better believe the Charlestons will be watching. The World Cup games begin June 11th and will feature all the best soccer players from all over the world. USA plays their first game against England and it looks like it is going to be an epic game. Make sure you check it out.

In preparation for the World Cup Nike released this lengthy ad featuring some of the most famous soccer players in the world such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Tim Howard, and Ronaldinho. The ad also features cameos from Homer Simpson and Kobe Bryant. The ad depicts how player's life could be depending on their performance on the soccer. These marketing people at Nike are freakin genius!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chase + Zachary’s Pizza = OMG!


What up peeps? I went to Zachary’s Pizza tonight. It was so freakin good! Who knew Chicago style pizza could be so good in Cali! HA, Yeah! I got the spinach and mushroom pizza since it was sickly popular amongst the yelpers. It was damn tasty too. No wonder they’ve gotten so many awards!

If you haven’t heard of Zach’s, you are seriously trippin! It’s the best deep dish on the west coast.  I went to the Oakland location. Beware, parking sucks! Don’t order the thin crust either, it seriously disappoints. They only have three types of beer, but you can order a pitcher and get wasted in half an hour.

The staff is insanely nice too, and though you will wait 45 minutes before getting to dive in to your pizza, you will forget all about it when you take that first bite!

Here’s a video I found about Zachary’s on youtube. 

2010 ASI Elections at Cal State East Bay

What up dudes?! Chester here, Checking In With The Charlestons from the Cal State East Bay campus!
ATTENTION CSUEB STUDENTS: Tomorrow, May 20th, is ASI Election Day for our Cal State East Bay Associated Students. So please VOTE VOTE VOTE on Blackboard for your next Director of College of Business or your next Vice President of Finance! I actually have a few friends running for those exact positions so please vote for them tomorrow whenever you have a free moment.

This is my dudette, Ylva Sandberg, and she is running for VP of Finance.


...And my homeboy, Brady Landry, running for Director of College of Business...


He is a boy of my brothers and myself so please vote for him today!
You might have already seen some fliers around campus like this one of Ylva...

Photobucket take a couple minutes and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!
There are also artworks and posters up all over campus from the campaigning that has been going on all week. So if you attend the tightest school in The BAY and you can spare a little of your time tomorrow, log onto your Blackboard to vote for my dudes and dudettes running for office! And if you can't vote tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, then vote when you can because voting on Blackboard can be done all week and until May 29th. Thanks for your support dudes & dudettes! This is Chester Charleston, checking out!!

Be sure to be Checking In With The Charlestons as often as possible to see what my bros and I are up to next!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sock Puppets Dig Froyo

Froyo dudes! Chuck here for Checking In With The Charlestons! If you don't know by now froyo is short for frozen yogurt and these places are popping up every where these days! Tonight I went out and got some from a killer spot called the Yogurt Train in Union City. This little yogurt shop is in a shopping center right next to James Logan High School on Alvarado Niles Road. They have a bunch of killer flavors like chocolate, kiwi, strawberry, mango, cheesecake, and apple. But what the Yogurt Train has on all the other weak froyo spots is the toppings! You can put anything you want on this stuff! I'm talking from fresh fruit to fruity pebbles! Check out the topping bar!
Chuck Charleston visits the Yogurt Train for Checking In With The Charlestons
After carefully considering my toppings, I decided to go with white chocolate chips, mango, and kiwi. Dude, you know I had to go with some fresh fruit to stay in shape as the most athletic Charleston. I also went with the plain yogurt, gotta watch those extra calories. But dude, this stuff is awesome!
Plain yogurt with mango and kiwi for Chuck Charleston
Yea I pretty much passed out after eating this stuff. It hit the spot in so many ways. If you haven't tried froyo yet, you better jump on it! That's it for now. Catch ya later dudes!

Chuck Charleston passed out for Checking In With The Charlestons

Chester is the next Greyson Chance!

Peeps, peoples, dudes!!! My brother, Chuck, is utterly jealous of my abilities so PLEASE don't mind him. I am completely aware that I am singing Lady Gaga and I am 100% loud and proud to show you just how good I am. Check out my performance for yourself...

I mean, I tell ya, I will be the next Greyson Chance! And you all have to admit, that this kid is amaaaaaaazing! Greyson has been on the Ellen show, which I am a great big fan of, and he is also all over the internet! See for yourselves...

And mark my words dudes, I, Chester Charleston, will be on the Ellen show one day. So, for all you haters, including my bro Chuck, go ahead and make all the fun you want of the ladies man, Chester, because you will all see that one day you won't be laughing when I am rich and famous!!
So be sure to be Checking In With The Charlestons to see where I, Chester the next famous rockstar, is at next!